Learn How Buyers and Sellers May Benefit From First Time Buyers' Down Payment Assistance Programs: 


Contrary to popular belief, Sellers may benefit from allowing Buyers participation in an assistance down-payment program to finance the purchase of their house. The main benefit for Sellers is the ability to maximizing the sales price of the house without having to credit the Buyer money for their closing cost. This translates into a substantial increase in the Seller's net proceeds yielding an additional earnings of up to three percent of the properties' sales price. The Buyer may have the flexibility to use either Conventional Financing or FHA Financing depending on the property's specific needs. In any case, Sellers gain the edge by opening opportunities to negotiate with a wider range of Buyers with efforts to sell at best and highest sales price, and Buyers who may not have money to pay for their own down-payment and closing cost benefit by having the opportunity to bid against Buyers who demonstrate a higher net worth with abilities to pay for their own down-payment and closing cost. Bottom line, at the end of the day a Seller gains the benefit of a clear and open negotiation with a wider audience when corroborating with participants of a First Time Buyers Assistance Program. Contact us to learn more regarding sales and purchase strategies regardless of your intention to buy or sell your house.                    Salvador Armijo, Real Estate Broker Lic 01278864 P: 626.290.0373